World class performances and the best in the Northwest on Friday and Saturday night 9:30-10:30pm, before live music.

John Narvaez & Dalia - Salsamania 


Wilfredo Guilbiac

Cuba/San Diego

Rogelio Moreno

Mexico/Los Angeles

David & Jennifer - Majesty In Motion

San Diego

Nathalia Carbajal

Portland, Oregon

Diva Style Dance Company

Portland, OR 

Latin Dance Academy of Bend - Ladies Group

Bend, OR 

Salseros Dance Company 

Eugene, OR 

Rico Bravo Jr &  Emily

Seattle WA

Azucar Dance Company 

Eugene, OR 

Latin Dance Academy of Bend

Bend, OR 

Salseros Dance Company Bachata Group

Eugene, OR 

Tatiana Gomez - Corazon Dance Co

Seattle, WA

Malik “Kilam Kong” Delgado of Guapacha Dance Company

Portland, OR

Flamenco Chico 

Eugene, OR 

More to be Listed