Rogelio Moreno is one of the creators of the world renowned L. A. Salsa Style and director of the famous dance team Salsabor Y Cache. Mr. Moreno has 26 years of experience teaching. His captivating style has harnessed the attention of everyone from Japanese event coordinators to Hollywood producers and directors.
It has awarded him with appearances on various television shows, choreographed several commercials and he has also been a featured dancer in numerous feature films.
His superior talent has bestowed on him numerous trophies from dance competitions, and has given him the opportunity to travel to beautiful and exotic places all over the world to share with others the radiance and passion that emanate from these sensuous and exquisite dances, when danced from the heart.
Rogelio is in demand for his teaching, choreography and acting. He can bring music to the eyes of the deaf: his heart keeps the beat of the clave, his body the bass, piano, violin and horns and his feet play the congas and sing. He is a one-man band with a dancing show. 


David and Jennifer Stein

Majesty in Motion (MIM) is a salsa dance company dedicated to high-energy performance, a jazzy style, and precise musicality. Founded in 2002 by David and Jennifer Stein, MIM has become the largest salsa company is San Diego.

Since MIM’s inception almost 10 years ago, they have grown from one team to now eight teams including five partner teams and three ladies teams. MIM’s directors and teams have traveled all over the world, performing and teaching in Bermuda, Japan, Canada, England, Sweden, and various US states including Seattle, Texas, New York, Boston, Arizona, Florida, and Oregon. Their commitment and dedication to the salsa community has been recognized and awarded by Albert Torres.

In addition to entertaining crowds with top-notch performances, MIM provides over 15 years experience in teaching and directing teams. They offer classes almost every day of the week ON1 and ON2, and ladies styling. As MIM continues to grow every year, they encourage all members of the community to express themselves through creative movement, teamwork, and leadership.


John & Dalia

John Freddy Narvaez representing Colombia & the San Francisco Bay Area:

This amazing dancer/instructor/world champion has garnered too many titles to list. Suffice it to say that he has helped mold champions of the past, present & future with one of the proven best instructional methods & curriculums the Salsa dance world has yet seen.  John was a contestant on the national TV show “America’s Got Talent“ in 2014, along with his partner Andrew, and the duo made it through the auditions and Judgement Week to qualify for the quarterfinals.

Recently he has teamed up with the upcoming rising star Dalia Lazcares who is one of top Salsa Dancers in Mexico.



Wilfredo Guilbiac Rodriguez is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher, who graduated from dance school in Havana, Cuba. Specializing in Afro-Cuban techniques, modern dance, and the Cuban popular styles, he has been selected to dance in the most prestigious Cuban dance companies. This has led to the opportunity to work with the best choreographers and personalities of the dance world in Cuba as well as internationally.

Beginning his career in the U.S., he participated as a judge in the first annual World Latin Dance Cup with producer Albert Torres. Subsequently he has gone on to perform and offer workshops at many dance festivals including San Diego Salsa and Bachata Festival, Los Angeles Salsa Congress, Palm Springs Salsa Festival, Seattle Salsa Congress, Rose City Salsa and Timba Festival, Las Vegas Rueda Festival, and San Francisco Rueda Festival. Currently he teaches classes in San Diego and is the director of dance team Cubata.


Fortezza Dance Company, directed by Celso Orozco and Alejandra Quintero from Tijuana and San Diego, is one of the most popular and newest companies in the United States. With their directors being trained by some of the best instructors in the world and holding World Championships titles under their belt, they have been teaching, performing, coaching and judging competitions since an early age. Fortezza directors have been in demand in some of the most important international congresses, festivals and events. Traveling to more than 30 events a year, their new innovative dance style has become popularized by both their Salsa On2 and Bachata teams. Celso and Alejandra are two young recognized dancers that are taking Fortezza Dance Company to the next level.