The Eugene Salsa Festival will be held in at the Vet's Club Building, 2nd floor, 1626 Willamette St,  Eugene, Oregon.

About the Venue:

The 4th Annual Eugene Salsa Festival will be held in the Vet's Club Building, centrally located in downtown Eugene, Oregon. The workshops and evening events will take place in the Salseros Dance Studio in the Vet's Club, and the Vet's Club Ballroom, which has one of the largest dance floors in the Pacific Northwest. A full bar will be available for attendees 21 and over. Free on-site and street parking is available.

The venue is just 15 minutes from the Eugene Airport, 5 minutes from the Amtrak station, and less than 2 hours south of Portland.

About Eugene, Oregon:

If you are coming from out of town, Eugene is a wonderful place to spend your weekend! Known as 'A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors,' Eugene is a friendly city in the south end of the Willamette Valley between two small buttes, and beside the scenic Willamette River. When you're not busy dancing, enjoy the thriving restaurant scene, extensive walking and biking trails, and many local microbreweries and wineries.

Nearby Hotels:

Driving across town takes less than 10 minutes, so most hotels in Eugene and Springfield are close to the venue. Some especially close hotels are:

Hilton Eugene

Timbers Motel - Eugene

Campus Inn

Inn at the 5th